Tarkovski Ltd is an established expert at serving the needs of respected international film festivals that share a common artistic vision. From mainstays like the 39th Edition of the Brussels Independent Film Festival to emerging events such as the Venice Film Week, Tarkovski creates intimate festivals recognized for an unsurpassed film and screening experience. Festivals run by filmmakers, catered to filmmakers. Tarkovski aspires to promote down to earth, cost-effective events and bring filmmakers together in a personal setting away from red carpet glitz and glamour.


The real star of any film festival should be the films. It shouldn’t be countless celebrities posing for pictures on the red carpet, lavish parties for select critics that completely overshadow what’s happening on the screen, or costly admission fees that rake up receipts but severely limit a filmmaker’s chances of having an appreciative audience.

That’s why savvy film festivals have come to rely on the expertise of Tarkovski Ltd. Tarkovski encourages intimacy, to keep its clients independent from commerce, allowing their creative vision to remain unfettered by conventional constraints. Tarkovski clients benefit from combined marketing, communication, public relations, networking, and operations assistance typically only available to the most well-established venues. This includes signing the most innovative films, acquiring a cost-effective screening location, sponsoring deals and setting up festival operational staff.

But most of all, filmmakers benefit from festivals whose sole purpose it is to show exceptional films to an appreciative audience. Tarkovski embraces festivals that screen films showcasing new and rising talent – both on the screen and behind the camera. Indeed, numerous films that premiered at one of the Tarkovski client festivals have gone on to acquire dozens of selections and awards from esteemed international bodies.

It’s the festival experience that ultimately sets each Tarkovski partner event apart. Admission to screenings is always free of charge to encourage a suitable audience of filmgoers. These intimate screenings allow festival guests to enjoy themselves even as they view challenging films, creating a welcoming and receptive environment. (In some cases, complimentary beverages and snacks enhance the film-going experience.) To encourage rising talent in the vicinity of each festival, film submissions by local filmmakers are always free of charge. One of Tarkovski’s core values is an ongoing dedication to putting quality exposure within reach by keeping festival fees affordable for all. Indeed, film submission fees at Tarkovski partner festivals for non-local filmmakers start as low as just $10 USD. What’s more, Tarkovski is known for bringing talented filmmakers to its festivals, introducing selected and winning filmmakers to partner events around the globe.

While selected filmmakers won’t leave a Tarkovski festival with yet another certificate to hang on the wall or an award statue that will simply collect dust on an office shelf, they will be given The Tarkovski Grant: valuable submission fee waivers to dozens of partner and non-partner festivals around the world. Read more about the grant here.

Don’t take our word for it – discover the difference for yourself! Tarkovski references include Venice Film Week, Boston Short Film Festival, Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival and Brussels Independent Film Festival, to name just a few well-known and respected events.

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